Maternal and Child Health Programs

Healthy Communities has multiple programs designed for Maternal and Child Health including the Early Start Programs, Baby and Me Tobacco Free Program (BMTFP), car seat inspections, Safe Sleep, Child Injury Prevention, and more.  The Early Start Programs and BMTFP are specific to expectant mothers and have free incentives for those enrolling including free diapers and wipes, diaper genies, breastfeeding kit, and more. All these programs are free of charge and open to all.  If you need assistance in any of these areas or getting insurance, making other prenatal or post-partum appointments, or referrals to other community programs, please contact us.

Baby & Me Program- Infant Image

Prenatal Care Coordination Program

The primary objective of the prenatal care coordination program of HCCC is to decrease infant mortality and low birth-weight infants by providing coordination of care from inception of pregnancy to a year after the baby is born.
Our care begins with free pregnancy tests. Upon completion of this first step, we provide women with their first bottle of prenatal vitamins – whether they are pregnant or attempting to conceive. We assist in signing up for available insurance plans, as well as assist in scheduling appointments as needed. Follow-up through the pregnancy includes eliminating smoking (if applicable), attendance to on-site prenatal classes, a breastfeeding class, and a Safe Sleep for Baby program. We can also schedule and assist in car seat installments throughout the workweek.
HCCC provides incentives and resources along the way through this one-on-one community approach. It is highly encouraged that expectant mothers see our prenatal educator five times during pregnancy to learn all aspects of prenatal care, the stages of labor,  newborn care, and safety. These services are designed for all pregnant women and their families. We are intentional about reaching those individuals with low incomes and/or those who are high risk.
Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program

Baby and Me Tobacco Free Program

The Baby and Me Tobacco Free Program (BMTFP) is for pregnant women who are smoking, or were smoking in the three months previous to becoming pregnant.  BMTFP is designed to help an individual quit smoking and stay quit through education and assistance.  Incentives are offered from enrollment prenatally through birth, and then clients can earn $25 gift cards monthly to be used on diapers or wipes up to six months post-partum for staying tobacco free.  An individual must be enrolled in this program prenatally to qualify for the monthly diapers and wipes post-partum.

Quit smoking and get FREE DIAPERS for up to six months!  Complete 4 sessions with our Baby & Me Facilitator and quit smoking prior to the birth of your baby is all that it takes.  Does your partner smoke as well?  They could also qualify for our program – which could mean double the free diapers for you and your baby!  Post partum, you will return every 30 days for a year for a breath or saliva test to show that you are still smoke free and you will receive your voucher.  Contact our Baby & Me Facilitator today to get signed up!

Baby in carseat
Adult buckling child in carseat

Car Seat Safety

Healthy Communities has two certified car seat technicians on staff.  During a car seat inspection, as a client you will see any improper installation methods, learn important safety measures for the car seat, and make sure your child is safe!  Our car seat techs will also make sure your seat has not been recalled or is expired.  If you are in need of a free car seat inspection, please contact us to set up an appointment. 

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