Young Teen mom in hospital
Pregnancy test

Family Planning Clinic

The Clinton County Family Planning clinic is a federal grant program to receive family planning and reproductive health services with a free or reduced cost on a sliding scale.  These services include contraception (including birth control), STI testing and treatment, and well women annual exams including cervical and breast cancer screenings.  These services include men for testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

Youth Rise

Youth RISE!

Youth RISE! is the teen pregnancy prevention program in Clinton County.  This program promotes the prevention of teen pregnancy and the efforts to reduce the number of teens with sexually transmitted infections.  Teen birth rates have decreased from 46.2 to 24.6 per live births throughout the grant cycle thus far.  Youth RISE! has multiple components in place to help this grant be successful.  We have a Youth Leadership Council (YLC) and evidence-based curriculum in the schools.