The History of HCCC

The Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition was formed in 2006. The coalition is a partnership of healthcare providers, social service providers, educators and community leaders who are interested in addressing issues of health in the Clinton County community. The coalition is committed to making permanent changes by encouraging policy, systems and environmental changes. The coalition is working in major areas that focus on changes that will make the “Healthy Choice the Easy Choice”.

HCCC Timeline


The First Meeting

In 2005, The first meeting between Indiana State Department of Health, St. Vincent Hospital, and Purdue Extension service was held to discussion the creation of a coalition.


Healthy Communities Coalition Founded

In 2006, Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition was officially named and the first action plan was created.


HCCC Coordinator Hired

In 2009, Carol Price was hired as first Coordinator of Healthy Communities.

HCCC begins Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Work

In 2009, HCCC received it’s first grant to work on tobacco use prevention and cessation from Indiana Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation (ITPC) and later Indiana State Health Department. This work continues today.

Clinton Central School Corporation Became A Smoke Free Campus

In May of 2009, all Clinton County schools became smoke free campuses through the work of HCCC.


St. Vincent Hospital Became A Smoke Free Campus

In 2010, St. Vincent Hospital became a smoke free campus through the work of HCCC.


Safe Routes to School Programming Began

In 2011, HCCC started the Safe Routes to School programming, allowing for walkways and bikeways throughout the City of Frankfort. As a result of this programming parental surveys showed an 68% improvement in parents belief of the importance of children walking and biking to school and its safety. $150,000 was obtained for new sidewalks and safety improvements.

HCCC receives the ACHIEVE grant

In 2011, HCCC received the ACHIEVE (Action Communities for Health, Innovation, and EnVironmental ChangE) grant from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) which allowed 10 community leaders a week-long CDC training in public health initiatives to prevent chronic diseases and related risk factors through a collaborative approach. Clinton County was chosen one of 43 places to receive this grant.


Clinton County Health Rankings Improved

In 2012, Clinton County's health rankings skyrocketed (in the right direction) from 51st in the state to 34th through health initiatives started by HCCC.

Complete Streets ordinance approved

In 2012, The City of Frankfort City Council approved a Complete Streets ordinance along with a commitment to build the environment for all modes of transportation whenever there is an opportunity to do so.


New Location for HCCC Office

In 2013, HCCC moved into its first office space provided by St. Vincent Hospital located near the hospital on Oak Street.

City of Frankfort Comprehensive Plan

In June of 2013, Healthy Communities was invited to the table to help prepare a city wide Comprehensive Plan which resulted in 32 references to health. A Health in All Policies was the theme of the day.

Healthy Babies for Clinton County

In 2013, HCCC began its Healthy Baby/Early Start program providing women:

Windshield Tour for Health

In 2013, HCCC held a Windshield tour for community leaders by boarding a bus with stops at a city park, a convenience store and an elementary school. Observations were made to discover barriers to healthy decisions such as being able to purchase healthy food, having walking paths and open restrooms and safe sidewalks from neighborhoods to elementary schools.

HCCC Creates walkways throughout the county and the City of Frankfort

Twenty walkways were mapped and measured by HCCC work team. Partners St. Vincent Hospital and Frankfort Rotary Club assisted in the printing of brochures and the creation and installation of trailhead signs. The walkways are accessible on this website and QR codes on each trailhead sign brings you to this website as well.


501c3 Status Obtained

In 2014, Healthy Communities of Clinton County became a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Baby and Me Tobacco Free

In 2014, Healthy Communities of Clinton County began providing the Baby and Me Tobacco Free program helping pregnant women and their partners quit smoking during their pregnancy and for a year beyond with a reward of health education, a healthy baby and diapers free for the entire year. This program continues today.

Mini-Action Institute provided by HCCC

In 2014, HCCC provided a mini version of the ACHIEVE provided CDC training received in 2012. All 92 counties in the state were invited to send representatives – A total of 53 counties participated with nationally known speakers.

Pre-school Health Fair was held by HCCC

In 2012, HCCC held a health fair for pre-school children and their families with health screenings such as eyes and ears and education stations such as handwashing, how lungs work and more.

Women’s Health Fair held by HCCC

In 2012, A Health Fair focused on women’s health was held in partnership with the Clinton County Family YMCA.


Grants for the Community Grow

By 2018, the grants coming into the county through the work of HCCC exceed $1 Million.

Social Emotional Learning led by HCCC

In 2019, HCCC with grant funding provided by North Central Health Services began work across the county in all the school corporations in the area of social emotional learning.


New Building Purchased

In 2020, HCCC bought their first building and the Clinton County Health Department became their first partner lessee. This vision is to build a Community Center for Public Health.